1160 kilometres, 720.8 miles, west of Sydney in the New South Wales outback is the mining town of Broken Hill in Wiljali country, population 21,000. Being 500 kilometres, 310.7 miles, east of Adelaide, Broken Hill operates on Central Standard Time rather than Eastern Standard Time, making it a half hour behind the rest of New South Wales. The towns green parks and colourful gardens create an oasis in a semi-desert region.

While many mining towns in outback New South Wales and all over Australia have become ghost towns, Broken Hill remains but is not completely dominated by mining.

The mines produce around 2 million tones of ore annually.

Despite its mining origins, revegetation programs and some protected historic architecture help make Broken Hill a gracious and grand outback town.

There are numerous art galleries scattered throughout Broken Hill displaying works by local artists, both Aboriginal and European, and other diverse talents drawn to Broken Hill.

The film, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, drag-queens-run-riot-in-outback-Australia used Broken Hill in 1993 as the location for several memorable scenes.

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