The mineral rich hills around Beechworth are home to more than two dozen vineyards that are tended by winegrowing families with a fierce independence and a passion for making the very best artisan wines.

Beechworth is a hillside winegrowing region with a range of altitudes and different topographical aspects that allows for the premium production of several grape varieties. Beechworth is situated at elevation on the continental side of the Victorian Alps; this allows for warm, sunny days to reliably ripen the crop, as well as cool nights, which temper any heat and produce wine grapes with natural balance and elegance.

Beechworth wine production is on a small scale, and the Vignerons can devote hands on attention to the winemaking, bringing out all the qualities and flavours that originate in their vineyards. With the combination of premium vineyards, careful winemaking and passion, the goal of the Beechworth Vignerons is to make the very best wines which sit proudly beside those from the best regions of Australia and the World.

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