The area surrounding Albany is rich in natural beauty. The majestic Stirling Ranges and the Mt Barker wine region to the north, the dramatic Southern Ocean coastline and the many gorgeous small rural towns such as Denmark, all go to make the area a treat to explore. Albany is set on the beautiful King George sound and Princess Royal Harbour. It is the oldest town on the west coast. Whale and dolphin spotting from the coastal cliffs is an exhilarating pastime.

Albany, dubbed the Heart of the Great Southern, is a bustling town on the rugged southern coast of Western Australia, 409km from Perth. The site of the first European settlement in Western Australia, Albany is steeped in early Western Australian maritime history:

Today, Fremantle has taken over as the main port for the southwest and Albanys business is concentrated in forestry, fishing and a thriving tourism industry that is growing stronger each year.

World-class wineries surround Albany, including Goundrey Estate. With its surprisingly English feel, Albany is an important business centre and port for the southwest of Western Australia. The main street, York Street, is lined with specialty stores, cafes, and restaurants and runs all the way down to Princess Royal Harbour.

There is no shortage of interesting attractions around the town. Visit the Brig Amity Replica, a full-scale reproduction created by local craftsmen. Just a short distance from Albany, the Old Farm on Strawberry Hill is the site of the original cottage built in 1831 for the first Government resident. Though it has been partially destroyed and renovated, it is one of the earliest buildings in Western Australia. The beautiful gardens are believed to contain some of the original fruit trees.

St. Johns Anglican Church, Albany, was constructed in the 1840s from local stone and was the first church consecrated in Western Australia. The Mount Romance Emu Oil and Sandalwood Factory tour highlights the history and uses of these oils. Sandalwood has been used as a perfumed balm and natural medicine for 5000 years and Western Australia has the largest natural reserves of sandalwood in the world.

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