Crunching The Time Numbers

Many people look at the cost of using light jets for domestic travel, and see it as an additional cost compared to conventional means of transport like the airlines, or driving. But what value do they put on their time? It might not be as expensive as you think.

How does private jet transport save you time?

You save time in the following ways:

1.Travel directly to where you want to go. Commercial flights only fly to the large airports, and often require connecting flights to get to remote or regional destinations. Every connection adds 1-2 hours in wait time, plus the extra flying time.

2.Get there and back in the same day.
With no schedule, and no check in time, you’re not wasting time in terminals waiting for your flight. Your flight is ready to leave when you arrive at the airport – whenever that might be. No overnights waiting, no early morning wakeup. No time wasted.

3. When you’re inside an aircraft, we find that it’s possible to work at 110% the efficiency you might at the office. There’s fewer distractions, no phone calls, no meetings. In most cases, you can get a days work done while you are traveling – PLUS the time you’ll spend at your destination. There is nothing like a private jet flight to increase your confidence either. Arrive at your meeting feeling refreshed and ready to close the deal.

4. Visit multiple destinations in the same day. Would an airline fly to every one of your company sites in a single day? At a time to suit you? Perhaps, if those sites are in Sydney and Melbourne. What if you had sites in Bendigo, Wagga, Dubbo, Armidale and Coffs Harbour? Visit them all, on the same day, and be home in time for dinner.

5. Private jets are one of the safest forms of travel known to man. The extra cost not only saves you time but ensures that time continues for you!

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