Business Leaders Travel Survey

An independent survey commissioned by Private Fly in the UK provides an interesting insight into the travel frustrations and limitations for business leaders.

This survey conducted in 2011 of UK Business Leaders has some interesting key findings. Is this what Australian business leaders are facing as well?

[title size=”2″]Of particular interest here is the growing allure of private jet travel.[/title]

Private jet travel is being chosen by a significant number of business travellers who are becoming increasingly frustrated with traditional methods of transport. The survey reveals that the perception of private jet travel being solely the domain of the rich and famous is wide of the mark; private jet travel has been used by almost one fifth of business leaders (18%).

This is set to continue in an upward trend, as statistics show that private jet use is continuing to grow. There were 693,500 business aviation flights in Europe in 2010, equating to 7.3% of all aircraft flight movements, compared with 6.9% in 2009. Eurocontrol predicts a 7% annual growth in business aviation in 2011 and 2012, and 4 – 5% annual growth from 2013 – 20153.

What were the key reasons you chose private aviation?

    • The main reason for choosing private jet travel is because it saves time and is the most efficient mode of transport, according to 55% of those who had used private aviation
    • Nearly half (45%), chose private aviation so that they could travel with important clients. This may have been to make a positive impression, as well as enabling them to conduct business en-route in a comfortable and confidential environment.
    • Some 18% of business leaders chose private jets because a direct route to their chosen destination wasn’t offered by commercial airlines.Of those senior executives who had experienced private jet travel, 44% had flown twice during 2010, 33% four times and 22% once.

These reasons from UK Business Leaders are very common to what we here from our own client’s here in Australia.

You can download the complete report here.

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