We’re off and racing! A first hand account of the Bathurst 1000

Skypac staff attend Bathurst 1000:V8 Motor Racing

One of the biggest events of the calendar year: The Bathurst 1000 – is also one of the busiest times for our staff and pilots.


Each year we are called upon to fly companies rewarding staff with a unique experience or a celebrity who needs to perform the national anthem or the person starting the race! – as was the case in 2012! . It is such an exciting time that we wanted to share the experience with you.

A pilot’s perspective – 

Freezing! I’m at the hangar at 6am on Sunday 7th of October 2012 getting the aircraft ready to shuttle passengers to the 50th anniversary of the legendary race.

It’s a beautiful morning. Not a cloud in the sky and will turn out to be perfect conditions for the race. We have 2 return runs to do in the morning and 2 in the afternoon after the race. The first group arrive at 6:30am for a 7am departure. I offer them tea or coffee and they give me a look as if I’ve grown another head. “Beer if you’ve got one mate”. Flying these lads back in the afternoon will be a laugh.

All aboard and airborne by 6:55am on the 30 minute flight that will take us over Penrith, Katoomba, the Blue Mountains and finally in sight of Mount Panorama!!

We’re one of the first aircraft to arrive. I taxi to the parking stand and disembark the passengers. “See you here after the race” I give them my contact details and they’re off!!

Straight back into the plane and back to Bankstown just as the airspace starts to get busy. The Air Force Roulettes are just about to depart for their displays over the track, private jets are arriving and the helicopters are starting to ramp up their operations.

Arrive back at Bankstown to find my second group ready to go. They arrived 5 minutes ago, jump straight onto the plane and I’m airborne again within 15 minutes. There are no waiting times when you hire your own aircraft!

This time into Bathurst we have to rush. We have the man on board who is starting the race!! We manage to slot ourselves in nicely after the Roulettes land and before another charter plane from Adelaide arrives. We park up, secure the aircraft and await the shuttle bus to take us from the parking area to the helicopter transfer area.

I meet up with another Skypac staff member and we are in for a memorable day. We are spending the afternoon in the Coopers Corporate box, one of the official sponsors for the Bathurst 1000 – right above pit lane. We also had the pleasure of flying the Chairman Glenn Cooper to the event. Food and wine was flowing for everyone (except me of course!).  The excitement of cars traveling at 300kms an hour is something that you need to experience for yourself to believe. We met  some great people in the Coopers Box and we also met racing legend John Goss. What a day!

The next Bathurst 1000 is coming up in October 2013. Skypac can organise all your charter needs and we can put together a special experience whether it be a corporate or private event. Get A Quote now and start planning as we are already taking bookings! Early Bird bookings  – Before June 1 2013 – will receive a complimentary wine and hamper package for the flight.