Aircraft Management and Procurement

We believe that every company should stick to its core business; ours is aviation. If you require regular travel and the airlines are causing you to lose focus, or costing you too much time; then let us partner with you and regain your competitive edge.

Navair has the resources to assist in locating, evaluating and acquiring the aircraft that best suits your specific business travel requirements.

Choose Navair to offset your aircraft’s operating costs by providing charter opportunities for your aircraft. More frequent use aircraft reduces both fixed and hourly running costs, improve crew currency and increase reliability through more regular maintenance.

There are many services we can assist with:

  • Maintenance and Hangarage
  • Offsetting your running cost with Charter income
  • Operational management
  • Jet aircraft acquisition and Maintenance Consulting

Gain the maximum possible efficiency through the prudent management of your air assets; a Navair aircraft management and cross hire agreement may be the solution you are seeking.