Aeromedical Transfers

Navair Aeromedical patient transport service offers a 24 hour low to medium acuity Aeromedical service throughout Australia and the South Asia Pacific. Our philosophy is to provide the highest level of Aeromedical care to patients at the most reasonable price.

Navair coordinates Aeromedical transfers on behalf of patients, clients and insurance/assistance companies. Our experienced medical team reviews all documentation and provides clear guidelines to ensure that transfers are prepared in accordance with the patient’s medical requirements.

Navair’s priority is to ensure optimal medical care and safety for the patient at all times.

Domestic and International Aeromedical Service

Navair Aeromedical transport services –With doctors and registered nurses we provide bedside to bedside service for patients requiring medical air transport services where continuous medical care can be administered in transit.

Medical Training

Each member of our air medical crew has a minimum of five years’ experience as an approved Designated Aviation Medical Examiner, Registered Nurse or Flight Nurse (also registered).

Regular annual training programs are conducted to ensure that their skills are at optimum level supported with leading edge information regarding aeromedical protocol and procedures which are also reviewed annually. This includes courses in flight safety and patient management in a high altitude environment.

Hospital-to-Hospital Emergency Air Transport
Navair aeromedical transport services can arrange to transport ill or injured patients from Australia to overseas or vice versa. Navair will arrange for a medical team and medically equipped fixed-wing aircraft, to retrieve the patient and providing a patient transfer vehicle to and from, each hospital facility.

Commercial Aircraft Medical Escort Flights

Navair Aeromedical transport services can arrange for a medical escort on a commercial airline. A patient may be permitted to travel as a regular passenger by commercial airline with a medical escort team who are capable of providing care during the transfer process. If required Navair Aeromedical will arrange with the selected airline to remove rows of seats and fit an appropriate stretcher system.

Repatriation of Patients

Navair Aeromedical transport services can transfer patients, to a medical facility or directly to a nursing home for ongoing care.

Ground/Road Medical Escort Service
Where the patient is not in critical condition and is unable or unwilling to fly along distance, ground transport is a cost effective alternative to Aeromedical transportation. This is an ideal way to transport a patient from one facility to another by using Navair’s patient transfer vehicles.

Deceased Repatriation

In the event of a death overseas, Navair Aeromedical transport services will provide assistance and organise the return of the mortal remains. Services provided include arranging the procurement of the casket and the deceased; coordination of consular services; procurement of the death certificate; and transportation of the deceased from the airport to the receiving funeral home.

Organ Retrieval
Navair Aeromedical transport services – can provide the transportation of donor organs both Australia and worldwide.

Navair Aeromedical transport services is able to provide transport of the recipient to where the donor organ is located, Navair will provide air transportation for the recipient and one family member.