We specialize in Private Jet and Turboprop Charter Flights, Aircraft management, Sales, Aeromedical transfers, FIFO, Urgent freight and VIP Ground transfers.

Our extensive database of aircraft and other operators within our region insures that we are able to provide you with the best solution to your aviation needs. In most cases. At Navair we understand the importance of personal service. The perfect charter is one that integrates well with the client’s other arrangements at either end of the flight.

With over 40 years of operational experience with an impeccable safety record you can relax and feel safe when you fly with Navair, or on a flight operated by one of our carefully selected partners.

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Why corporate jet charter is good for business

Have you been considering a private jet hire for business and can’t quite decide if it’s right for you? Corporate jet charter can take you direct to your destination at a time that suits you, saving you time.

Here are some top reasons why businesses choose to use corporate jet charter

  1. No hassle: There are fewer restrictions on what time of day or night you can travel and often you can book a charter flight within 24 hours of the time you need to travel.
  2. Efficient: No waiting in queues, no need to arrive hours before check in, no boarding passes or luggage to check in, no need to worry about lengthy delays that occur with commercial travel.
  3. Versatile: Whether you’re a VIP, organising a group of executives or that vital piece of mining equipment that needs to go TODAY, there are so many options available for corporate Charter.
  4. Flexible: A corporate jet charter gives you complete flexibility with a 24/7 service ensuring that you minimise interruptions to your business schedule.
  5. Time: Less time spent travelling equals more time on business and ultimately more time to spend with your family.
  6. A productive office in the sky! Work comfortably in complete privacy. Private jets are comfortable and private allowing you to get work done whilst on the plane, increasing productivity.

Navair can have you off the ground with as little as an hour’s notice. In most cases with access to aircraft that operate below the airport noise thresholds, allowing you to travel at any time (no curfew restrictions).

Aircraft charter is often the most time efficient solution for your business travel needs. Private charter is a service that saves you time and hassles when doing business by taking you directly where you need to go at the time that you want to travel.


With operations all over Australia, Navair is well placed to service all your charter needs at a moment’s notice. With access to a large fleet Navair can service your requirements across Australia and the World. We specailse in travel to remote locations.


Navair provides 24/7 air charter services both in Australia and overseas. Servicing major Australian corporations’ as well as Government, VIP’s, Mining and Media means you are in safe hands.

Safety and Reliability

Drawing on 40 years’ experience, Navair is Australia’s leading business aircraft services company. Safety, Reliability and Service are at the forefront of our business.

We believe that every company should stick to its core business; ours is aviation. If you require regular travel and the airlines are causing you to lose focus and costing you too much time the let us partner with you and regain your competitive edge.

Navair has the resources to assist in locating, evaluating and acquiring the aircraft that best suits your specific business travel requirements.

Business and aircraft owners choose Navair due to our capacity to provide charter utilisation of their aircraft. This reduces your overall operating costs, if you are looking to gain the maximum possible efficiency through the prudent management of your air assets, our aircraft management department may be the solution you are seeking.

There are many services we can assist with:

  • Maintenance and Hangarage
  • Offsetting your running cost with Charter income
  • Operational management
  • Jet aircraft acquisition and Maintenance Consulting

Our dedicated service professionals are available to speak to you about your aviation needs.

Navair Aeromedical patient transport service offers a 24 hour low to medium acuity Aeromedical service throughout Australia and the South Asia Pacific. Our philosophy is to provide the highest level of Aeromedical care to patients at the most reasonable price.

Navair coordinates Aeromedical transfers on behalf of patients, clients and insurance/assistance companies. Our experienced medical team reviews all documentation and provides clear guidelines to ensure that transfers are prepared in accordance with the patient’s medical requirements.

Navair’s priority is to ensure optimal medical care and safety for the patient at all times.

Domestic and International Aeromedical Service

Navair Aeromedical transport services –With doctors and registered nurses we provide bedside to bedside service for patients requiring medical air transport services where continuous medical care can be administered in transit.

Medical Training

Each member of our air medical crew has a minimum of five years’ experience as an approved Designated Aviation Medical Examiner, Registered Nurse or Flight Nurse (also registered).

Regular annual training programs are conducted to ensure that their skills are at optimum level supported with leading edge information regarding aeromedical protocol and procedures which are also reviewed annually. This includes courses in flight safety and patient management in a high altitude environment.

Hospital-to-Hospital Emergency Air Transport

Navair aeromedical transport services can arrange to transport ill or injured patients from Australia to overseas or vice versa. Navair will arrange for a medical team and medically equipped fixed-wing aircraft, to retrieve the patient and providing a patient transfer vehicle to and from, each hospital facility.

Commercial Aircraft Medical Escort Flights

Navair Aeromedical transport services can arrange for a medical escort on a commercial airline. A patient may be permitted to travel as a regular passenger by commercial airline with a medical escort team who are capable of providing care during the transfer process. If required Navair Aeromedical will arrange with the selected airline to remove rows of seats and fit an appropriate stretcher system.

Repatriation of Patients

Navair Aeromedical transport services can transfer patients, to a medical facility or directly to a nursing home for ongoing care.

Ground/Road Medical Escort Service

Where the patient is not in critical condition and is unable or unwilling to fly along distance, ground transport is a cost effective alternative to Aeromedical transportation. This is an ideal way to transport a patient from one facility to another by using Navair’s patient transfer vehicles.

Deceased Repatriation

In the event of a death overseas, Navair Aeromedical transport services will provide assistance and organise the return of the mortal remains. Services provided include arranging the procurement of the casket and the deceased; coordination of consular services; procurement of the death certificate; and transportation of the deceased from the airport to the receiving funeral home.

Organ Retrieval

Navair Aeromedical transport services – can provide the transportation of donor organs both Australia and worldwide.

Navair Aeromedical transport services is able to provide transport of the recipient to where the donor organ is located, Navair will provide air transportation for the recipient and one family member.

Fly-in fly-out (FIFO) is a method of employing people in remote, hard to reach locations. This is a scenario that is common in the majority of areas in outback Australia. Remote mining sites present unique logistical challenges that involve critical equipment supply and maintenance issues combined with rotating, multifaceted personnel rosters that ultimately require the application of specialised aviation charter.

Fly In Fly Out aircraft charter allows for rapid, streamlined transportation of mining workers along with associated support personnel and executive teams to remote locations. A properly structured and organised FIFO air charter solution can often negate the time consuming, inefficient and expensive time challenges that come with restrictive airline timetables.

5 key Points of FIFO charter flights

  1. Different aircraft types for all mine working life stages.
  2. Short Term/Adhoc or long term airline style operations.
  3. Direct flights to the airfield closest to the worksite.
  4. Convenient and Cost Effective.
  5. Leads to a more productive workplace.

Navair is well positioned to provide both adhoc and short term air charter through to long term multi aircraft FIFO. We can tailor a solution for your company that will meet your expectations.

Media, Entertainment & VIP Private Jet Charter

Having worked with a number of Australian production companies and well-known artists, Navair are well placed to handle all your media, entertainment and production Air Charter needs.

Our Air Charter services team work closely with both production companies and Agents to plan efficient and flexible charter flight itineraries. At all times, we ensure both the safety and security of our clients in a discreet manner. Or we can turn the private charter into a flying billboard if that is part of the publicity plan.

Why use Navair for your next charter

  • The Navair operations teams are experts at handling the logistics of production movement including theatrical stage sets, band equipment, road crews and talent.
  • Passengers board charter aircraft directly from ground transportation for convenience and security wherever available – bypassing public passenger terminals.
  • 24/7 Operational support including computer flight tracking and on-site representation to brief airport staff and cabin crew on your parties’ requirements.
  • Utmost professionalism and confidentiality assured.
  • On demand aircraft charter services can be booked with as little as 1 hours’ notice.
  • We can source anything that you may require:
    • Private jets.
    • Helicopters.
    • Ground transfers including executive limousines and trucking for equipment.
Hangar Facility at Bankstown Airport

Navair is also well equipped to handle any needs beyond flying in a private charter. You can hire the jet for a day and it doesn’t even have to leave the ground. We have played host to a number of production companies filming in the Hangar and photo shoots for well-known Australian publications including the Sydney Magazine, Cleo and Who magazines. With a unique hangar facility based at Bankstown Airport NSW and possibly the best prices around for unprecedented access to luxury aircraft and hangar facilities, call us to discuss your needs and we can tailor something suited to your event/production. The Sky is the limit!

Take a look at our blog for regular updates on the work we do with media.

Whether it be fine dining or just a relaxing cup of tea, Navair has an extensive list of preferred caterers and suppliers that we will ensure our on board services meet your needs. Every flight has standard on board catering so you can leave this in our hands or you can decide what you want and tell us. Please let us know at the time of booking what your requirements are and we will take care of the rest. Leaving you to sit back and enjoy your flight. Navair, catering to your every need.
Our philosophy at Navair is to make your private charter as enjoyable and hassle free as possible. With this in mind, next time you book your private charter with Navair mention to one of our friendly staff that you would like to book our ground transfer services to and from the airport and we will book that in too.

One less thing to think about when organising your next trip! It’s all part of the service!

Executives who recognize time as their most precious resource find airline schedules simply too restrictive. The inconveniences of connecting flights, parking, schedule delays etc all resulting in lost productivity.

If you’re looking at purchasing a jet or wanting your existing jet managed by a team of professionals then give Navair Aviation a call on 1300 759 722 or Contact us via email. We will find out what it is you need and come up with a solution that fits in with your budget and flight requirements.

Different Options for Jet ownership and management

Jet ownership

Purchasing of a Jet assisted by the experienced team at Navair. We will go through all the costs of purchase, including ongoing items such as maintenance, insurance, crew hiring, checking and training as well as ensuring that this is the right solution for you.


Co- ownership is about assembling a larger number of co-owners and purchasing just one or a fleet of jets. Through the management services of an experienced team like Navair, co-owners are afforded the availability of their aircraft, or any other aircraft in the fleet, when and where they need it.

Jet Card

The next best thing to jet ownership! If you are considering private charter or already enjoy this then why not become a Jet Card member. Hours can be bought upfront to use at a time that is convenient for you. This will give you even more convenience with your business and leisure travel needs.

With over 30 years of experience in operating and chartering aircraft let Navair be your guide. Contact one of our experienced Charter Specialists to talk through your private jet management and ownership needs.

Helicopter Charters are for a wide variety of uses. Whether it be a scenic flight, event, media or business trip helicopters are often a convenient option. Designed for smaller groups of people (anywhere from 3-6), helicopter charter is ideally suited and designed for short range flights.

At Navair we can organise all your helicopter charter requirements, we will find the right chopper to suit your needs. Whether it be a trip to the Hunter Valley, a scenic tour or a grand entrance at your next event we can arrange it all for you!