After heavy rains have fallen over Birdsville this week, roads are flooded and some are saying it might be weeks until road access is restored. If you need to get home, then choosing a private air charter might be your only option.

Access by air is open, and we’re making private charter aircraft available in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Wagga and Adelaide to assist travellers get home from Birdsville. Aircraft will be available for charter this weekend and early next week at the best prices possible.

For those who have never charted an aeroplane before, here’s a few tips to help make your flights from Birdsville faster, cheaper and more efficient.

Birdsville Charter Flights Tips

Make some friends: When hiring an aircraft, it makes sense to fill it with people! Individual seat pricing isn’t an option on charters, so call us to find out the ideal number of passengers for a particular aircraft and split the bill between some mates. The good news, is that you’ll have a lot of mates in Birdsville! Ideal group numbers are 3, 5, 7 and 9 passengers.

Be prepared to make a few stops: If you need the cheapest air charter from Birdsville, then taking a small piston twin aircraft is a great option. These aircraft need to stop along the way to top up with fuel, so make plans for lunch in Cobar, Mildura, Charleville or Broken Hill.

Ask about regional airports: Charter aircraft can fly to any of the thousands of smaller airports around Australia, not just the major hubs! If you live in a regional location, it might be more cost effective to fly straight home in a charter aircraft, than flying to Sydney and then home!

Call early: Our phones haven’t stopped ringing all morning, and aircraft are being booked out as we write this little article. Let alone by the time you call us! Act fast to ensure an aeroplane is available to fly you and your family, friends or colleagues out of Birdsville.

With aircraft stationed all over Australia, Navair Jet Services are ready to take off to Birdsville right now, and we can have you home in as little as two hours. Wherever ‘home’ may be! The team at Navair Jet Services are here to help, give us a call on 1300 759 722, or email

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