Any Time. Any Place. Cheap Air Charter in the Piper Chieftain.

Any time, any place, the Piper Chieftain is an aircraft that delivers both performance & safety, for the best price in private air charter.

Our Head Office in Bankstown Airport now has a new addition to the fleet, based right here in the hangar and ready to fly cheap aircraft charters 24/7.

With room for 8 passengers and luggage, or up to 800kg of freight, the Chieftain can fly almost anywhere Australia-wide, including dirt or grass airstrips. Featuring two turbocharged engines for safety and impressive short field performance, this aircraft is exempt from noise curfews, and capable of flying day or night in a range of weather conditions.

View our brochure on the most economical way to fly with the Piper Chieftain Brochure here, or call the team at Navair for more information.

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