Amanda Pegus - Instrument Rating-2

Instrument Flight Rating – IFR

  • The CASA IREX exam is a pre-requisite to obtain an Instrument Rating.
  • Flight training includes: 17 hours in the simulator, 29 hours dual (day and night) and 1 hour solo (night circuits). Total of 38.2 hours instrument time.
  • Training is tailored for each student. If you will be flying a common route on completion of the Instrument Rating, for example Bankstown-Gold Coast, then we will incorporate this into the flight training.
  • Can be completed in our Cirrus aircraft, your own aircraft, or our twin engine aircraft BE76 or DA42NG.

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Course Snapshot


Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)
Current CASA Aviation Medical – Class 1
Current ASIC


6 to 8 months / 50 hours (dependant on selection of approvals)


1 on 1 instruction
Aircraft hire
Private study area
Flexibility on times and dates
Your choice of NAVAIR aircraft

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