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Cirrus Transition Training

The Cirrus transition training course is for current pilots who want to learn how to fly the iconic Cirrus aircraft. The course comprises a Cirrus theory component (completed online) and Cirrus flight training. You will have the option of flying the SR20 or SR22.

  • VFR Transition 8 hours is the worldwide average (6 minimum)
  • VFR+IFR Transition 12 hours is the worldwide average (10 minimum)
  • CAPS training 
  • There are five stages:
    • Normal operations
    • Manoeuvres
    • Special procedures
    • Abnormal operations
    • Single-pilot resource management including management of high-level automation
  • After completion you will become proficient and confident flying SR20/SR22 aircraft under the VFR or IFR

Upon completion we offer a competitive private hire rate for our Cirrus aircraft. We realise that several flight training organisations charge customers VDO time, we charge air-switch time meaning you are not charged for the period spent on the ground. 

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Course Snapshot


SR20: Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)
SR22: Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
CASA Aviation Medical – Class 2 minimum


 3 to 5 days / 8 to 10 hours


1 on 1 instruction
Aircraft hire
Private study area
Flexibility on times and dates
CAPS training
Cirrus IFR training (IFR previously acquired)

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