A Private Jet Holiday for the Generations – All of them!

Bridging the generational gap is a challenge we face today, more than ever before. Learn, or get left behind, innovate or die; there’s lots of metaphors and sayings to describe the cut-throat and fast paced life we all live. For families living in different cities, states, countries, it’s hard to spend time together – but with a little planning and the right tools, getting together for a holiday can be easy, and might just be the best holiday you ever take.

Choosing to travel in a private jet might look like a very expensive way to spend the grandkids inheritance. But those who do it regularly understand that the price paid is insignificant compared to the memories made during the flight, and the extra time (and sanity?!) you’ll have at your destination.

Articles call them ‘Inter-generational Holidays’. Blogs call it ‘Gramping’. Whatever you call it, going on holidays with the kids, mum and dad and the grandparents is fast becoming the best way to take a holiday. But it’s not without challenges! Lately we’ve been flying families spanning 3 generations (or more!) to holiday destinations all over the world. And we love it!

When considering an inter-generational holiday, here’s three reasons why choosing a private jet (or turboprop) could turn your holiday, into the holiday of a lifetime.

1: It’s something REALLY different, and something not many people can do.

Nobody looks forward to an airline flight. EVERYONE loves flying privately, and when you start talking about 6 or more passengers, filling the seats on private jet starts getting cost effective too. Private flights are generally always more expensive than business class airline tickets, but remember, some business class airlines don’t fly to the places you want to go, and they certainly won’t stay with you while you’re on holidays.

2: It’s your itinerary. Not ours.

Want to stay an extra day? No worries. Leave earlier? Sure thing. Stopover in Fiji? Bula Bula! When it’s your jet for the week, the possibilities are endless. Work with everyone in the family to create your dream holiday, and fly everywhere direct. No airline connections, no layovers, no baggage restrictions, no change fees.


No matter what weird and whacky locations you have on the bucket list, we fly there. From Uluru to Antarctica to Tahiti. We’ve been there, and we’d love to fly you there too.

Give the team a call here at Navair with your idea for a holiday with the whole family. We can’t wait to be part of it!

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  1. Let me know any recent flight from Syd to Mel
    Let me know the price per seats
    I probably will need two-three

    1. Hi Army, we don’t sell individual seats, but if you fill up our Beechcraft King Air and turn it into a party bus, then you can have return flights for around $950 per person. In a jet, per seat pricing works out to be around $2100 return.

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