The Navair Flight lounge had busy morning today, with a group of VIP’s enjoying a coffee and relaxing in the Flight Lounge before their charter from Bankstown on the Fairchild Metro 2.

Making the most of the valet and undercover parking services we offer, three personal cars arrived at 8am and drove straight inside our hangar for a seamless transition to the Flight Lounge. There, conversation was flowing almost as fast as the espresso, but soon it was time to go! Out the door and into the aircraft, the two pilots started up the engines and were airborne within minutes.

Not long after, the team were back out onto the tarmac marshaled in two light twins, A Piper Chieftain and a Beechcraft Travelair. A regular to the Navair FBO, the Chieftain was returning home on a FIFO flight from Nymagee with a couple of passengers, and as always provided an extremely timely transfer from the aircraft, straight onto their waiting bus.

Experiencing the Navair Flight Lounge for their first time was the crew and passengers on board a little Beechcraft Travelair, built in 1966! Passengers were blown away with the flight lounge, and so was their pilot!


Both aircraft departed in the early afternoon (But we’re sure they’ll on their next private air charters!), and we’ll see the Metro 2 return tomorrow evening to their waiting cars.

Metro 2 Departing the Navair FBO this morning #flyprivate #turboprop

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