“What are the Pilots going to do?”

Said almost every charter client we’ve ever had on board…

Most charters we fly here in Australia are not one-way flights. There’s always a return component, whether it’s via another destination or direct to the place our clients call home. That means our pilots get to spend a few hours; maybe a whole day, sometimes even a few days in whatever location that client wants to go – and we always get asked the aforementioned question.

So what DO we do? It depends on where we are!

Here’s six things that the Navair Jet Services private charter pilots do, while you’re on holidays, doing business or otherwise.

Prepare for the return flight.

Before and after every flight, there’s a ton of things to do for pilots and crew. Completing paperwork, cleaning the aircraft, ordering catering, sometimes even flying the aircraft out to another location, or swapping crew members! We like to get everything squared away prior to our planned departure, just in case the clients arrive early! Using an FBO (Fixed Base Operator), to handle fuel and catering like those here at Bankstown, Gold Coast or Essendon Airports make life a breeze for pilots, and offer a more luxurious point for departure and arrival.

Explore the town.

Regional Australia is an amazing place, when you know where to look! We find that the taxi drivers know a lot about their respective towns, and between the airport and our hotel we can extract more than enough local knowledge to compile a worthy itinerary for a day. There’s no place like Broken Hill, and Lightning Ridge in NSW to explore the peculiarities of the outback.

Exercise, and Sleep.

Late nights, early mornings, strange schedules. Our pilots love a good lunchtime nap, as it keeps us alert and ready for flight at all hours of the day. We love a good run/ride too, and it’s common to see our pilots show up on the local Strava leaderboards as they tackle the coastal tracks on Sunshine Coast, or navigate the streets of Melbourne.

Drink coffee with the locals.

Whether it’s the classic Aussie bakery on the main street (sometimes, ONLY street!) or the Number 1 rated Café on Trip Advisor, pilots will always find time for a coffee. We tend to steer clear of half-strength-skinny-mocha-frappes though, and opt for the classics. Oh, and WIFI, that’s a must-have for any private jet pilot. Right now our favourite destination for great coffee, is (drumroll please) Adelaide!

Play Golf.

If your pilot happens to be a keen golfer, chances are, there’s a set of clubs stashed somewhere inside the aircraft. A 2hr stopover is enough time to squeeze in 9 holes, and we LOVE flying to places like Swan Hill, King Island and the Mornington Peninsula, where both the runways, and the golf courses are world-class. Occasionally we get invited for a round with our clients too, when we’re on a golf trip down to Barnbougle, Cape Wickham or Lost Farm – that’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Enjoy the local cuisine.

Seafood in Tassie, Beef in the Riverina, a Meat Pie in Country QLD. Whatever it might be; we’re on a mission to sample the best food that Australia has to offer, and considering we fly to literally any airport in Australia – our charter pilots get a unique opportunity to do it!

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